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Biogas to biomethane

The upgrading of biogas to biomethane is the prerequisite for optimum utilisation in terms of energy efficiency and economy, because only biomethane can be used in natural gas transport networks, in decentralised combined heat and power (CHP) units and as a fuel. For this purpose, biogas upgrading has acquitted itself as a proven, reliable, efficient and safe technology.

Carbotech, another member of the Viessmann Group, developed the pressure swing adsorption process for this. It impresses with low energy consumption and a high tolerance to the widest variety of raw gases.

Technically straightforward and reliable

The biogas upgrading process is remarkably simple: Biogas is compressed and scrubbed to remove hydrogen sulphide and, as far as possible, water.

The biogas conditioned in this way then flows through a carbon molecular sieve, which removes carbon dioxide and other undesirable gases, to produce biomethane.

At defined intervals, the system switches to another adsorber, while the previous one is fully regenerated by means of a vacuum.

Schematic diagram of a gas upgrading plant

Schematische Darstellung einer Gasaufbereitungsanlage

Biogasanlage zur Gasaufbereitung

Biogasanlage zur Gasaufbereitung


Gas upgrading

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