Vitoflex 300-SRT – – wood combustion system with step grate combustion

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Three-pass flame tube boiler or two-pass boiler with water wall with flue gas temperatures below 190 °C at full load
  • Outputs: 850 to 13,000 kW
  • Modulation range: 25 to 100 %
  • Flue gas temperature: < 190 °C at full load
  • Combustion chamber geometry optimised to ensure the lowest possible flue gas dust concentration
  • Highly robust thanks to low stress on components and fireclay
  • Designed for continuous operation (hours at full load per annum > 8000)
  • Step grate technology for high degree of fuel flexibility
  • Guaranteed operation even with damp and ash-rich fuels (moisture content up to 60 %, ash content up to 10 %)
  • Low loading of grate area reduces fuel costs
  • Step grate technology with up to four hydraulically driven grate zones
  • Ash removal by screw conveyor or into ash container
  • Pneumatic boiler cleaning (optional)
  • Standard frequency converter control unit ensures lowest possible power consumption

Vitoflex 300-SRT wood combustion system

Ideal for local authorities and energy supply utilities

The Vitoflex 300-SRT is noted for its modulating operation – that is, it matches the system output to the actual heat demand. Consequently, this biomass boiler is an economical solution for local authorities and commercial energy supply utilities.

A wood combustion system represents a sensible alternative to the use of fossil fuels. Alongside environmental considerations there are also economic reasons for relying on this naturally occurring fuel: as an indigenous fuel, wood is very affordable and only subject to relatively low price fluctuations.

Suitable for continuous operation

The Vitoflex 300-SRT wood combustion system, with step grate combustion, is designed for continuous operation of more than 8000 hours a year. This makes it suitable for power generation in biomass CHP units. The fuel may contain up to 55 percent moisture without any loss of output. These conditions enable flexible use of affordable fuels, such as woodchips from forestry work, green cuttings, bark and wood from countryside management, without the need to dry or season them.

Product cross-section


850 to 8,000 kW
Annual hours in use
up to 8,000 hours
Bark, wood from countryside management, green cuttings, rootstocks, long-fibre bark, waste wood from wood processing, residual wood from thinning
Fuel moisture content
6 - 60 %
Ash content
up to 10 %
Application range
icon-gewerbe.png icon-industrie.png icon-kommunen.png
Local and district heating associations, combined heat and power generation, commercial nurseries, municipal and private property developers, recycling industry
Additional features
Low NOx combustion chamber, fully automatic ash removal, modulating load control from 25 % to 100 %, step grate technology with up to three hydraulically-operated grate zones, high fuel flexibility, underfeed pushrod as standard, generous and very solid construction
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