Vitoflex 350-VFE – wood combustion system with direct firing

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Three-pass flame tube boiler or two-pass boiler with water wall with flue gas temperatures below 190 °C at full load
  • Outputs: 850 to 13,000 kW
  • Integral backup heat exchanger to maintain quick controllability to DIN 4751 part 2
  • Modulating load control from 60 to 100 % depending on system type and fuel
  • Injector principle for fuel charging, hence no wear to blower fan
  • Easy ash removal from the combustion chamber thanks to fluidised bed combustion
  • Optional staged combustion (low NOx principle)

Direct firing system with high temperature fluidised bed combustion to maximise the energy yield of wood residues from wood processing

The very dry and dust-like fuel is blown through one or more feed pipes into the fully fireclay-lined, highly insulated combustion chamber. The blowing action, combined with the specially developed combustion chamber geometry, ensures optimal burnout of the fuel and the required turbulence and flow characteristics.

The thermal storage in the fireclay mass ensures correspondingly high combustion chamber temperatures, which guarantee low emissions. The horizontal three-pass flame tube/smoke tube boiler is mounted on top of the combustion chamber to serve as a hot water boiler, for either up to 110 °C or above 110 °C. If required, steam boilers or thermal oil boilers can also be supplied.


Product cross-section


850 to 13,000 kW
Annual hours in use
up to 6,000 hours
Chips, dust, sawdust
Fuel moisture content
6 - 15 %
Ash content
up to 2 %
Application range
icon-gewerbe.png icon-industrie.png
Wood processing industry, parquet floor manufacturers, chipboard manufacturers, joinery workshops
Additional features
Very little ash accrual in the combustion chamber thanks to fluidised bed combustion, low maintenance effort, solid fireclay lining, horizontal or vertical combustion chamber (4000 kW and higher)
Produktschnitt Holzheizkessel Vitoflex 350-VFE