Vitobloc 200 type EM-530/660

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Proven technology with more than 2500 Vitobloc 200 units in use
  • Fully plumbed and wired; factory tested
  • Smooth running engines with oxidation catalytic converter
  • Proven remote monitoring and automation systems
  • Attractive subsidy programmes

Thousands of installations

Vitobloc 200 EM-530/660 CHP units deliver 530 kWel and 660 kWth.

CHP units are ideal when heat is needed continuously and power generation can run for as long as possible.

With their outputs, these Vitobloc 200 units are suitable for new build and modernisation projects in industrial and commercial enterprises and municipal buildings.

Reliable and economical

Vitobloc 200 meets the demanding technical connection conditions (TAB) of the network operators. The standard equipment includes starter batteries and a synchronous generator, which also allow the CHP unit to run in mains substitution mode.

Longer service intervals, thanks to the integral lubricating oil supply, reduce operating costs and downtimes. Fully plumbed and wired units tested in the factory mean minimum installation effort and tested output values.

Product cross-section

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