Vitobloc 200 type BM-366/437 - our most powerful biogas CHP unit

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Operation with biogas; no upgrading to biomethane required
  • Fully plumbed and wired; factory tested
  • With mains substitution mode as standard
  • Proven remote monitoring and automation systems

High output for local heating networks

The Vitobloc 200 BM-366/437 CHP unit delivers 366 kWel and 437 kWth. It is the most powerful unit in our range for operation with biogas.

It can be connected directly to a biogas plant. Upgrading of the biogas to biomethane is not necessary.

The heat generated during operation can be distributed to consumers via a local heating network. The power generated on site can be used in the biogas plant or exported to the public grid.

Supplied ready to connect

Vitobloc 200 meets the demanding technical connection conditions (TAB) of the network operators.

The standard equipment includes starter batteries and a synchronous generator, which also allow the CHP unit to run in mains substitution mode.

Fully plumbed and wired units tested in the factory mean minimum installation effort and tested output values.

Function diagram

Funktionsschema Vitobloc 200 Typ BM-366/437