Commercial floor standing boilers

Our range of commercial floor standing boilers are an ideal solution for commercial applications where installation space is an issue or where the capacities of wall mounted boilers are insufficient for the needs of your application.

Floorstanding convenience

An alternative to the standard wall-mounted boiler, floor standing boilers offer convenience as they do not require wall mounting space. Resembling a refrigerator in size and shape, our floor standing boilers are suitable for installation in place of a standard kitchen unit or in an airing cupboard, a specially designed closet, a boiler or workshop room, or anywhere else where you have enough floor space.

Our condensing floor standing gas boilers are capable of high outputs from a very small footprint.

They also make for an ideal replacement for older gas boilers with a cylinder below.

Viessmann Vitodens floor standing boilers

The Viessmann Vitodens range of floor standing boilers are designed to be visually attractive and come in standard kitchen unit dimensions, making them a welcome addition to any kitchen area in a commercial application.

Coming in capacities of 100 litres and 130 litres, our floor standing boilers are designed to cope with hot water demands which exceed those that standard wall mounted boilers are able to cope with.

Providing a high level of DHW convenience, our Vitodens 222-F gas condensing floor standing boiler for instance, comes in capacities of 100 litres and 130 litres, however, this volume is comparable to a separate 350 litre DHW cylinder where drawing hot water is concerned.

Convenient control via app

Controlling our floor standing boilers is particularly convenient via our dedicated app and the Vitoconnect 100 WLAN adaptor. This establishes the connection to the home router and enables access to our floor standing boilers via the internet from a smartphone or tablet computer.