Using commercial solar PV to get free power from the sun

With the installation of a Viessmann commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) system, you will be provided with the ability to produce your own power.

Harnessing the natural energy supplied by the sun, our range of commercial solar PV solutions work by converting light into electrical energy. When combined with our range of power storage units, this will enable you to reduce your dependence on energy suppliers.

Not only that, by investing in a commercial solar PV system, you will also be able to reduce your business overheads, improve your operations and cut down your carbon footprint.

By installing photovoltaic collectors, you will be demonstrating your commitment to protecting the environment by reducing your CO2 emissions for the long-term. By choosing Viessmann, you will be choosing future-proof technology and a system in which all components interact to optimum effect, all of which have been developed in over 40 years of developing and manufacturing solar photovoltaic systems.

Our solar technology effortlessly combines with our other heating systems

We have specifically developed all of our heating systems to work in combination with solar technology solutions. This allows you to utilise solar technology to support the energy consumption within your business, as much or as little as you would like. With the ability to utilise any combination of Viessmann heating system with our solar PV solutions, you could choose to fulfil your energy demands with a heat pump, a wood heating system, or a new gas or oil condensing boiler.

By choosing to utilise solar technology with a highly efficient condensing boiler, you could look to cut down your energy usage by up to 35%. This would work out to be 15% of the total UK energy consumption, with annual CO2 emissions being reduced by 92 million tonnes at the same time.

Using solar power for the heating of hot water

One of the most useful applications for solar PV systems is the use of this technology for heating hot water. Providing backup to your existing heating systems, utilising a solar PV collector in combination with a DHW cylinder offers the ability to reduce your energy bills and reduce your dependence on unsustainable fuel sources. This is especially useful in the summer months when you will be able to turn off your boiler when using solar energy to back up your central heating.