Protecting the environment

As a family-owned company in the third generation and a leading international manufacturer of heating technology, we are not only committed to our social responsibility, but also to the responsibility for the long-term security of future generations. The continuous improvement of resource- and environment-friendly measures in the sense of sustainable action is therefore an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products

We attach great importance to the topic of sustainability, especially in the development of our products. Already at the design stage, care is taken to ensure that raw materials are used in the production process in a way that conserves resources. During operation, the heat generators are characterised by high thermal efficiency and long service life. At the end of their technical service life, Viessmann products are professionally recycled and valuable raw materials are returned to the production and recycling cycle.

Illustration: The low-emission radiant MatriX burner was awarded the European Environmental Prize for Industry `94 by the European Union
The low-emission radiant MatriX burner was awarded the European Environmental Prize for Industry `94 by the European Union
Certification according to the European Eco-Audit Regulation (EMAS)

Environmental management established for a considerable time

For decades we have been implementing the concept of integrated environmental protection along the entire supply chain. Process- and product-integrated environmental protection have absolute priority over the subsequent repair of damage that has already occurred.

An environmental management system, which has been in place for many years, organises and monitors the implementation of the environmental policy and constantly monitors the achievement of the objectives derived from the environmental policy. In 1995, Viessmann was the first company in the heating technology sector and the second in Germany to be certified in accordance with the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) at its sites in Allendorf.

Environmental Policy

Viessmann brand values form the basis of our environmental policy. The Board of Directors of the Viessmann Group has issued the following binding instructions for all employees:

Continuous improvement of environmental performance

We strive to continuously improve our environmental performance, assuming compliance with all legal regulations as a minimum.

In order to achieve continuous improvement in environmental performance, the best available technology is used, taking into account economic viability.


For the implementation of the environmental policy, the participation of all employees is necessary. For this reason, employees in all divisions are comprehensively informed, trained and integrated into the environmental protection concept.

Environmental impact

To avoid environmental pollution, the environmental compatibility of the activities and processes as well as new products and operating resources are assessed in advance. The effects on the environment are regularly assessed and, wherever possible, reduced to a minimum.

Raw materials are used sparingly and processed as completely as possible into products using as little energy as possible. Unavoidable emissions and waste are reduced to a minimum wherever economically justifiable.


Efforts to continuously improve environmental performance relate equally to planning and administrative activities and to the provision of services.


Appropriate preventive measures are taken to avoid operational disruptions as far as possible and to keep their impact on the environment as low as possible.


Compliance with the environmental policy is regularly monitored and evaluated.

Business partners and customers

Business partners must apply the same environmental standards as their own employees. Our customers are trained on environmental aspects in connection with the handling of our products.

General public

A regular discussion on the company's activities and environmental impact is conducted with the public.

Solvent-free powder coating

ISO 14001

The topics of energy efficiency, resource conservation and sustainable management are becoming increasingly important. Management systems according to internationally defined standards make an important contribution here, as compliance with internal and external specifications and regulations is checked within the framework of regular audits, and optimisation potentials are raised.

The standardised environmental management system in accordance with the internationally valid ISO 14001 standard is introduced throughout the Viessmann Group. Below are the certificates of the certified companies in the Viessmann Group.

Illustration: Solvent-free powder coating