Heating with wood – the most natural fuel in the world

The rising cost of fossil fuels, and growing environmental awareness have been steadily increasing the demand for renewable forms of energy. A wood boiler is a good alternative to heating with oil or gas. Alongside environmental considerations, there are also economic reasons for relying on wood. As an indigenous fuel, wood is very cost efficient and not subject to extreme fluctuations.

Viessmann wood boilers are highly efficient and economical in their fuel consumption. They are suitable both as the sole heat generator and as a supplement to oil or gas boilers. By installing a wood boiler, spending on oil and gas is reduced significantly so the boiler starts paying for itself almost immediately.

You will be making a positive contribution towards the sustainable protection of our climate, because heating with wood is CO2 neutral. This means that only as much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere as the wood absorbed while it was growing.

Logs or pellets: The Viessmann range has everything covered

Whether as an auxiliary or complete heating system, using logs or pellets, Viessmann offers the full product range for heating with wood. By choosing a Viessmann wood boiler, you'll always be on the safe side. There are plenty of good reasons for choosing this type of boiler:

● Highly reliable
● Long service life
● Convenient DHW and central heating
● Independence from oil and gas
● Cost savings through economical energy consumption
● Pellet heating systems and solar technology make for an ideal combination