Boiler Warranty Registration

We operate a number of different warranty options depending on if you are an installer trained through the Viessmann Academy.

Our gas boiler warranties for homeowners

Many of the domestic boilers across our range benefit from a 5 year guarantee as standard. Whilst if you are a Viessmann Trained Installer and have received specific training on many of our other boilers, your customer will automatically benefit from an extended guarantee.

Boiler model
Standard warranty
Extended warranty options
Vitodens 050-W
3 years
Option to extend to 7 years, if fitted by a Viessmann Trained Installer
Vitodens 100-W
5 years
Option to extend to 10 years, if fitted by a Viessmann Trained Installer
Vitodens 111-W
5 years
Option to extend to 10 years, if fitted by a Viessmann Trained Installer
Vitodens 200-W*/222-F
3 years
Extended to 5 years, as standard, if fitted by a Viessmann Trained Installer with an option to increase to 10 years
Vitodens 242-F
2 years

 *up to 60 kW

Our Vitodens 100/111-W range of gas condensing combination, system and open vent boilers have a 5 year guarantee as standard. However, your customer has the option of taking out an additional policy to cover an extra 5 years, this is subject to you being a Viessmann Trained Installer and having registered the boiler on the Viessmann Installer Portal or the Registration UK app. This will ensure they are provided with peace of mind for up to 10 years.

The Vitodens 050-W combination boiler comes with a 3 year standard guarantee, which can be increased to 7 years should your customer require this.

Warranty registration for non-Viessmann trained installers

To register your Viessmann manufacturer's warranty please fill out the form linked below. Once the registration has been processed your customer will receive a confirmation letter.

Boiler warranty registration (non-Viessmann trained installer) 

Warranty registration

If you are interested in becoming a Viessmann Trained Installer please view our courses on the Viessmann Installer Portal. Some of the benefits of becoming Viessmann trained include:

  • Use of the Registration UK app for FREE Gas Safe and warranty registrations (Available for iOS and Android devices)
  • Appearing on the “Find an Installer” section of the Viessmann UK website
  • Informative e-shots and newsletters sent to you on a regular basis
  • 11 month boiler service reminders

Gas Safe Registration for your customers’ boiler installation

Gas Safe and manufacturer warranty in one easy step.

Using your status as a Viessmann Trained Installer, you can register your domestic boiler installations with Gas Safe and register your customer’s boiler warranty, in one easy step.

The Viessmann Installer Portal provides a direct link to the Gas Safe registration web facility, allowing you to register your installation with Gas Safe and automatically register the product warranty with Viessmann at the same time. With no charges to you, this is simple, quick and cost effective. 


The facility is exclusive to Viessmann Trained Installers and is accessed using a unique username and password.If you are unsure of your username and password it can be provided by contacting the the Training Academy on 01952 675032

Trained Installer Portal

We hope that this becomes a valuable tool for you, our loyal installers, to register Gas Safe installations and boiler warranties; and a useful area for learning more about Viessmann's comprehensive range of technologies with training modules, animations, videos, literature, promotions and information Viessmann's innovative features.To start using the facility immediately, use the link below.

Viessmann Installer Portal

For Local Authority and Housing Associations

Please fill in the form below in order to register for extended warranty.

Warranty registration (For Local Authority and Housing Associations)