Brennstoffzelle - Brennstoffzellenmodul von Panasonic

Proven and reliable: Fuel cell technology from Viessmann and Panasonic

For Viessmann, innovating without giving top priority to reliability and durability would be unimaginable. With the new fuel cell boiler, Viessmann once again turned to proven technology. This is why the Vitovalor 300‑P was developed in cooperation with Panasonic. The fuel cell module in the Vitovalor 300‑P is sourced from Panasonic. Panasonic has manufactured more than 34,000 appliances in series production for the Japanese market.  

Micro CHP unit based on a fuel cell

Turning away from nuclear power, reducing power generation from coal-fired power stations, expanding the use of renewables: innovative heating technologies like the Vitovalor 300‑P fuel cell boiler bring these goals within reach.