Combined PRV and condensate connection

Installation is faster, simpler and more cost-effective as the pressure release valve (PRV) and condensate connection are combined, and long runs of additional piping are no longer required.

  • Fast and simple installation, saving time and expense
  • Built in safety device meaning no discharge pipe for DHW cylinder is required
  • No exterior PRV drip/stain as it feeds into a single cold water pipe
  • One less pipe to penetrate the building fabric


PRV 654x359.jpg

Schematic index

  1. Boiler
  2. Visible air break
  3. 75 mm trap
  4. Visible air break and trap not required if there is a trap with a minimum condensate seal of 75 mm incorporated into the boiler
  5. Sink, basin, bath or shower
  6. Open end of condensate drainage pipe direct into gully 25 mm min below grating but above water level; end cut at 45 degrees
  7. Sink lip
  8. Minimum internal diameter 19 mm
  9. Pipe size transition
  10. Minimum internal diameter 30 mm
  11. Water/weather proof insulation

Products featuring the combined PRV and condensate connection are:

Vitodens 050-W
Vitodens 100-W (except the Open Vent variant)
Vitodens 111-W
Vitodens 222-F
Vitodens 242-F