Heat pump uses the heat from the ground (collector)

Brine / water heat pump

Heat from the ground

[1] Vitocal brine / water heat pump
[2] DHW
[3] Heating water buffer cylinder

Using heat from the ground with a ground source heat pump

A renewable form of energy, ground source heat pumps use the ground as their primary energy source. They do this by utilising geothermal collectors or geothermal probes that are buried in your garden or the grounds around your home.

The heat which is collected then can be used to heat radiators, heating systems and hot water in your home.

As the ground remains a fairly constant temperature under the surface regardless of the time of year, a ground source heat pump is suitable for use all year round.

Water heat pumps can also be used where water is available as a heat source.

As ground source heat pumps utilise a renewable fuel source, they are eligible for the UK government’s Domestic RHI scheme. Through the scheme, you could be eligible for quarterly cash payments for seven years after installing a ground source heat pump.