Vitocal 350 G Pro – delivers flow temperatures up to 73 °C

Take advantage of these benefits

  • High flow temperatures up to 73 °C
  • Low noise and anti-vibration design
  • Traditional cooling/heating function with buffer cylinder
  • Reliable technology and straightforward operation

DHW heated in compliance with hygiene standards

Vitocal 350-­G Pro achieves high flow temperatures of up to 73 °C, thus meeting the requirements of hygiene regulations for DHW heating.

The special temperature maintaining facility guarantees hot inlet temperatures downstream of the loading system at all times, even during the loading cycle.

Remote monitoring and communication

The control unit boasts numerous communication options, from a simple analogue modem to a LAN-supported system.

Use of Modbus technology and Bacnet is also possible. This makes the system accessible for remote maintenance over the internet, for example. It can also be integrated quickly into existing building management systems.

Efficient cooling

In cooling mode, the control unit decides whether the waste heat can be utilised for DHW heating and/or for charging the heating water buffer cylinder. If not, the waste heat is used to reheat the ground loop or is discharged to the outdoor air via a dry cooler.