AC-Box – active and passive cooling with a heat pump


Take advantage of these benefits

  • Room temperature continuously maintained at a comfortable level by the heat pump
  • Active cooling and natural cooling
  • Space saving thanks to compact dimensions
  • The extracted heat can be used directly

Effective cooling on hot days

The AC-Box, when combined with a heat pump, is able to deliver both natural and active cooling.

In the case of natural cooling, excess heat is removed via the heating circuit into the relatively cool ground or groundwater. Electricity is required only for the circulation pumps.

In the case of active cooling, the heat pump works like a refrigerator. With the aid of the AC-Box, it reverses the inputs and outputs and channels chilled water via the compressor circuit into the interior, thereby cooling it.

Utilising extracted energy

The heat extracted from the building's interior can in turn be utilised, for example for DHW heating or to heat a swimming pool.

This means cooling and heating functions can be combined extremely effectively.

AC-Box to the left of heat pump

"active cooling"-Box