Product notification - Horizontal flue terminal 60/100

Horizontal flue terminal now in black – 7441467

Several customers have asked for the end terminal to be in black. For any flue manufacturer the shape and design of the terminal can be part of their cooperative design, and therefore it was difficult to change the colour. Until now.

The flue terminal with the part no 7441467 will now be supplied with a black end terminal.

According to customers the black terminal will better blend to the houses brick work and also meets some of the housing associations specification, who for some reason specify black coloured end terminals (and outer wall seal).

The deliveries of the above terminal arrived during February and  then started to filter through the supply chain.

The part number and list price remain the same.

Foe ease of identification the carton label is appropriately named and has a RED dot next to the label.

Note: the telescopic flue will remain unchanged (in grey).

Notification Date: 30th January 2017