Product notification - Vitocell 300-V/B cylinders

A new Vitocell 300-V and B range has been launched. The new cylinders will be market leaders in the ErP regulations as all the cylinders are A rated.

The main changes are outlined below:

  • superior insulation leading to reduced standby losses – A rated ErP
  • new sensor clamping plate for the 500L model
  • entry level option of 160L introduced
  • now available in white

This has many benefits for both our trade partners and also end user:

  • simplified tender preparation as easier to compare between comparable stainless steel/ enamel products
  • lower weight so easier to install (between 2 – 8% lighter)
  • reduced standby loses therefore less energy costs
  • no need for magnesium anode replacement therefore less service costs
  • excellent corrosion resistance due to the use of ferritic stainless steel
  • powerful coil which is compatible with a Vitodens 200-W up to 150 kW and commercial boilers. The Viessmann installation guidelines have to be observed

Suggested cylinder/ boiler sizing

  • 160/200L – Vitodens 200-W up to 80 kW
  • 300/500L – Vitodens 200-W up to 150 kW and commercial boilers

The sensor wells have been removed in the 500L model and replaced with a sensor clamping plate. This plate provides the possibility to fix up to three sensors with a diameter from 3.3 to 9mm. The plate is connected onto the cylinder with two bolts on to the cylinder outer wall which is provided as standard. The standard immersion temperature sensors are still to be used. The 200L and 300L models have a clamping clip on the top of the cylinder and also a senor well half way down.

In addition to the new cylinders a new unvented safety kit has also been introcued to superseed a exhisting part number. The new inlet control group 1" part number is now 7737218. Therefore new Z numbers have been created to reflect this change.

Vitocell  New safety kit part number  Expansion vessel size  List price 
Vitocell 300-V E/B 160/200L  ZK03560  19 Litre  £198.00 
Vitocell-300-V E/B 300L  ZK03561  24 Litre  £202.00 
Vitocell-300-V E/B 500L ZK03562  40 Litre  £232.00 

To reflect the updates new part numbers have been issued.

Part number  List price 
Vitocell 300-V EVIA-A 160L Z015294 £1828.00 
Vitocell 300-V EVIA-A 200L Z015295 £2669.00 
Vitocell 300-V EVIA-A 300L Z015296 £3374.00 
Vitocell 300-V EVIA-A 500L Z015297 £4776.00 
Vitocell 300-V EVIA-A 160L White Z015298 £1828.00 
Vitocell 300-V EVIA-A 200L White Z015299 £2696.00 
Vitocell 300-V EVIA-A 300L White Z015300 £3374.00 
Vitocell 300-B EVBA-A 300L Z015301 £2667.00 
Vitocell 300-B EVBA-A 500L Z015302 £3461.00