Vitorondens 200-T Kerosene conversion kits

Launch of three kerosene conversion kits for the Vitorondens 200-T 33, 40 and 50 kW burners

Three new conversion kits have been launched in order to satisfy the demand in the UK market for a floor standing condensing boiler to run on kerosene 28 sec oil. The conversion is from gas oil 35 sec oil (red diesel) which is the default setting for the Vitorondens 200-T range. Kerosene is more widely used for the off grid application which the Vitorondens 200-T is suited to.

Initially only three kW outputs have been tested by an independent test house and a conversion kit complied. These outputs are for the 33, 40 and 50 kW Vitoflame burners. The other kW output have not been tested and are therefore not officially recognised to run on kerosene by Viessmann.

The conversion kit is compiled of a Danfoss nozzle, a link which bridges out the pre heat, two cable ties and also a comprehensive set of instructions. The kit will be sold as an accessory which can either specified at point of sale or retrofitted to Vitorondens in the field. Please see part numbers below for ordering. The kits are available from the start of July.

  Kerosene conversion kit part numbers

Burner output kW Part number  List price 
33  7782107  £19.99 
40  7782108  £19.99 
50  7782109  £19.00 

NOx emissions for the Vitorondens using kerosene are less than <120 mg/kWh.

Notification Date: 13th June 2017