Safety Notice - Issued 07/12/2016 

Viessmann Ltd has identified a very limited batch of Vitodens 100-W system boilers that may have a potential issue with the gas valve. Only seven boilers are affected, 3 of which have already been located.  

It has been identified that over time, there is a potential for the seal to deteriorate and for gas to leak through the gas valve. This is a supplier issue that has been contained, with the exception of a small number of boilers that have entered UK distribution channels and which Viessmann has been unable to trace. If the boilers have been installed, the installations will have taken place in 2016.

The serial numbers for the affected 4 boilers are:

7543421601693108        System 26 kW Boiler
7543421601715107        System 26 kW Boiler
7543421601719105        System 26 kW Boiler
7543421601727100        System 26 kW Boiler

What do I need to do if I own, use or service one of these boilers?

If the boiler has been installed contact Viessmann who will make arrangements to replace the gas valve, or if the boiler has not been installed, contact Viessmann to have the complete boiler replaced.

Any customers/gas users who have concerns with regards to their Viessmann Vitodens 100-W boiler should contact Viessmann Ltd.

Phone: 01952 675060