Advanced and energy efficient heating systems from Viessmann are in use not only in many private households, but also in numerous large-scale projects, where they make an important contribution to the sustainable protection of energy reserves. In our references database, you can find detailed information about relevant reference systems.

Solutions for power generation for industry, commerce and local heating networks

Applications with high energy requirements require innovative solutions. Cost-effectiveness
considerations show considerable potential for savings in both heating and process heat, both for new installations and for modernisation, which have so far hardly been used.

Viessmann's highly efficient systems achieve savings that are all the more positive when it
comes to energy supplies - in commercial and industrial plants as well as in office buildings, hotels, clinics or schools.

Even in the short term, the considerable differences in usage between old and new plants lead to considerable savings in terms of energy consumption and costs. The amortization times are correspondingly short.

For industry, business and municipalities, Viessmann offers perfectly coordinated system solutions: Regenerative energy systems for covering the basic load, combined with top-load boilers operated with fossil fuels. In order to achieve a perfect interaction and therefore highest efficiency, all system components are compiled according to individual requirements.