Vitoligno 300-C pellet boiler: convenient heating centre for automatic charging with wood pellets

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Fully automatic biomass boiler with efficiency of up to 96 %
  • Heating output: 60 to 101 kW
  • Low fuel consumption through high efficiency, modulating operation and weather-compensated control
  • Ecotronic control unit with commissioning assistant for up to four heating circuits
  • High operational reliability through self-cleaning grate
  • Integral, controlled return temperature raising facility (up to 70 kW)
  • High operating convenience and extended service intervals thanks to automatic cleaning and removal of ash from the heat exchanger and grate
  • Fuel supply via either a vacuum system or a flexible screw conveyor
  • Pellet hopper can be filled during operation
  • Sound-optimised pellet hopper for low-noise fuel delivery
  • Low power consumption due to automatic ignition with ignition element
  • Broadband lambda probe for optimised combustion control
  • Low dust emission levels comply with the first German Immissions Ordinance (1st BImSchV), level 2
  • Extensive accessories for pellet supply and storage
  • Cascade of up to 4 wood boilers with the Vitotrol 350-C (option)
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Numerous automatic functions

The Vitoligno 300-C biomass boiler offers a multitude of automatic functions that make for particularly convenient operation. These functions include an efficient automatic ignition system with low power consumption, as well as fully automatic ash removal from the grate and heat exchanger. Because of the vertical arrangement of the heat exchanger, very little ash is deposited, making long cleaning intervals possible. The turbulators provide a permanently efficient heat transfer and lower dust emissions. Emptying the large, sealable and mobile ash box is an almost entirely dust-free process.

Efficient and environmentally responsible

The Vitoligno 300-C has an efficiency of up to 96 percent when converting pellets into heat. With its weather-compensated control unit and a modulation range of 1:3, the biomass boiler adapts its output precisely to the current heat demand. This means that the Vitoligno 300-C has impressively low fuel consumption.

Variable combustion means high efficiency and low emissions, with primary and secondary air control with lambda support. The secondary combustion chamber was developed using CFD simulation and provides optimum mixing of combustion gases with secondary air. Both the constriction of the diameter and the profiled combustion chamber bricks of the flame tube induce swirling to thoroughly mix the combustion gases for complete burnout. The extremely heat-resistant silicon carbide bricks also contribute to a hot combustion zone. This leads to particularly low emissions, compliant with the 1st BImSchV, level 2.

Flexible fuel feed

Depending on requirements and application, the boiler can be charged with pellets via either a flexible screw conveyor or a vacuum system. Filling the pellet hopper is particularly quiet, thanks to innovative sound

To save space, the fuel supply can be mounted on either the right or the left (from 80 kW). Up to 70 kW, the fuel supply comes from the back. This allows flexible and space saving positioning with single sided wall installation to the right. No maintenance or inspection work needs to be carried out from this side.

Ecotronic control unit

Innovative and versatile control

The integral Ecotronic control unit can regulate the following:

●  up to three heating circuits with mixer
●  two heating circuits with mixer and DHW heating
●  one heating circuit with mixer, a solar circuit and DHW heating
●  a fourth heating circuit with mixer for connection via the KM-BUS

Remote control

In combination with the Vitotrol 350-C (option), the boiler can also be controlled from the living space. The system can be extended to include up to 24 control loops using control modules. These can be used for heating circuits, DHW heating or in conjunction with a district heating supply line. The clear colour touchscreen with graphic capability provides straightforward and intuitive operation.

The Vitotrol 350‑C can also be used as a room controller, control loop extension and cascade controller for up to four wood boilers. This means that different fuels and boilers with various output ratings can be combined. In addition, a further oil/gas boiler can be enabled as a peak load boiler.

Vitotrol 350-C remote control

Matching accessories

The accessories for the Vitoligno 300-C include extensive storage and supply systems for pellets. For pellet stores without a sloping floor, modular 4-/8-way wand changeover is available. Suction wands, evenly distributed in the pellet store, transport the pellets from the store to the boiler.

The routing of the wand system is flexible and suitable for various room formats (e.g. L-shaped, very elongated spaces or even split stores). As the sloping floor is no longer required, usable space is increased by up to 1/3 – this ensures optimum use of the pellet store.


A perfect match – system technology

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". In accordance with this maxim, Viessmann supplies more than high quality, reliable and effective heating components. In fact, all products are part of a matching overall concept, where all components complement one another. After all, only perfect interaction between all system components can draw out the maximum potential of our innovative leading technology.

Viessmann system technology incorporates everything you need for a reliable and economical heating system: from the Vitotronic control unit with wireless remote control, powerful Vitocell DHW cylinders for the highest DHW convenience, right up to high grade solar thermal systems for cost effective central heating backup.

Vitoligno 300-C product cross-section


60 to 101 kW
to 96 %
Energy efficiency class
A+ (to 70 kW)
Wood pellets
icon-wohngebaeude.png icon-gewerbe.png
Single-family dwelling, Two-family house, Multi-family house, Commercial building, New construction and modernisation
Weather-proof, ecotronic digital control with graphical and easy-to-read display with multi-line clear text support
Water heating
Additional storage water heater required to ensure high hot water comfort
Other features
Automatic burner cleaning by rotating stainless steel grate for high functional safety and long cleaning intervals. The ash box only needs emptying once or twice a year.
Vitoligno 300-C pellet boiler product cross-section