Upgrading a gas heating system

Gas boilers are still in use that use outdated technology and are a burden not only economically but also ecologically. By modernising their outdated gas heating systems, homeowners are only making a positive impact - in many ways.

Modernisation of gas heating from an ecological perspective

The modernisation of gas heating can also make a difference for environmental reasons. Because natural gas is still a fossil fuel that will sooner or later be used up. By choosing a weather compensating gas condensing boiler, homeowners make an active contribution to conserving resources and protecting the environment. 

Further advantages of modernising a gas heating system

Economic and environmental aspects play a decisive role in the modernisation of heating systems. However, there are also a number of other aspects that show why it makes sense and in some cases even necessary to have your old gas heating system modernised.

Modern boilers increase the value of your property

Another reason for the upgrading of gas heating is the increase in value of the property. A new and reliable gas boiler is an important criteria for attracting buyers, especially in the case of completely renovated properties that are to be used as rented apartments. New gas boilers are also very compact and can be installed to save space. An exchange would also save space.

The connection to a solar thermal system is almost always worth considering when modernising gas heating.

Combination with solar technology increases efficiency

Last but not least, the possibility of combining gas heating with solar thermal energy is an argument in favour of modernising with a new gas heating system. Solar energy is a free and almost endless source of heat that homeowners can tap into with a solar thermal system.

In this bivalent operation, the solar system provides hot water and backup heating. The gas boiler itself has to work less, which in turn means low heating costs. Another advantage of this combination is the growing independence of homeowners from their energy suppliers.

Expert advice as the first step in every heating modernisation

To ensure that the new gas heating system works reliably and cost-effectively in the long term, it must match the heat demand. This can best be determined with the help of an expert installer. Competence is required at the planning stage for the appropriate system.