Vitocal 300-A – efficient and attractive

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Air source heat pump in a contemporary design
  • Low electricity bills while running
  • Prepared for connection of a photovoltaic system
  • High output for convenient DHW heating
  • Easy operation from mobile terminal devices like smartphones and tablets
  • Energy efficiency class*: A++
*in the case of low temperature applications (35 °C)

Vitocal 300-A air/water heat pump

The Vitocal 300-A not only attracts attention with its modern design. With a maximum flow temperature of up to 65 °C for heating and convenient DHW heating, the unit is particularly recommended for the modernisation of detached and semi-detached houses.

Vitocal 300-A operates extremely efficiently and achieves high annual performance factors. Only minimal electricity costs are incurred during operation.

Vitocal 300-A heat pump

Vitocal 300-A heat pump

Solar power cuts running costs

The Vitocal 300-A air source heat pump is designed to catch the eye. It is installed in the garden and utilises the free heat available in the ambient air. The appliance is specially designed for modernising detached houses.The Vitocal 300-A is very quiet, even in standard mode. At night the fan noise is further reduced by a low speed setting.Power from a photovoltaic system on site can be used to run its electrical components, thus reducing the already low operating costs.

Easy cooling in summer

The Vitocal 300‑A is capable of reversed operation to provide cooling during the warmer months.When high temperatures occur in summer, convectors or surface cooling systems make the interior feel pleasantly cool.

2015 | German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION

Viessmann's Vitocal 300-A air source heat pump received the German Design Award SPECIAL MENTION 2015 in the "Excellent Product Design – Building and Energy" category.

EHPA seal of approval

EHPA seal of approval

The EHPA seal of approval serves as proof of the COP (Coefficient of Performance) for the heat pump according to the market incentive program.

The German EHPA quality seal commission certifies that the Viessmann heat pump Vitocal 300-A meets the requirements of the EHPA quality seal regulations.

Operating convenience

Clear, comfortable, intelligent: The Vitotronic offers perfect functions for fast and exact control of every heating system.


Control Vitotronic 200 - Can also be operated via app via a smartphone at any time.

Vitotronic 200
Vitoconnect 100

Vitoconnect 100 creates the connection

The Vitoconnect 100 interface is required to operate via the app. Retrofitting of earlier heat pumps of the Vitocal series (from 2010 onwards) is possible at any time.

ViCare App

The ViCare app allows the user to control their heating system via a smartphone. The operating status can be viewed at any time and, in the event of a fault, contact can be made quickly and easily with the installation company previously registered in the app.

ViCare App

A perfect match – System technology

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Following this philosophy, Viessmann supplies more than high quality, reliable and effective heating components. In fact, all products are part of a matching total concept, where all components complement one another. After all, only perfect interaction between all system components can draw out the maximum potential of our innovative leading technology.

Viessmann system technology incorporates everything you need for a reliable and economical heating system: From the Vitotronic control unit with wireless remote control, powerful Vitocell DHW cylinders for the highest DHW convenience, right up to high grade solar thermal systems for cost effective central heating backup.

Product cross-section


Nominal heat output (kW)
7.0 to 8.5 kW
COP during heating operation
up to 5.0 (air 7 ° C / water 35 ° C)
Energy efficiency class
A ++ * according to EU Regulation No. 811/2013 heating, average climate conditions -. Low temperature application (W35)
Homes, new builds and modernisation
Vitotronic 200 control unit with plain text graphic display, operation via Vitotrol App is possible
Water heating
Additional DHW for high DHW convenience.
Other features
Reversible air / water heat pump for heating and cooling for outdoor installation.
Produktschnitt Luft/Wasser-Wärmepumpe Vitocal 300-A


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