Viessmann wins National ACR & Heat Pump award

Together with installation partner, Heat Different, Viessmann has won Domestic Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) Project of the Year at the National ACR & Heat Pump awards. The winning project was the installation of two Vitocal 300-G heat pumps at Baythorne Mill, a Grade II listed 18th century watermill situated on the picturesque River Stour.

The owner of the property had been thinking about using the river water as a heat source for his home for some time. Once various obstacles, such as finding the right place from which to abstract the water, dredging the pond and rebuilding some pond walls, had been overcome, the heat pumps were fitted into the existing plant room.

The system operates via a high volume, low pressure pump that draws water from the river, pumping it through a water / brine plate heat exchanger to extract heat. About 20 percent of the water is returned to the river water intake filter unit as part of the self-cleaning process. The cooler water is then returned to the river about 10m downstream. The installation distributes heating via a Vitocell 950 litre buffer cylinder and hot water storage is in a Vitocell 300-V 500 litre cylinder.

Compared to the previous oil-fired system, it is expected that about 10 tonnes of CO2 per year will be saved at Baythorne Mill, thanks to the high efficiency heat pump installation. With net savings on running costs, due to the switch to renewable energy, together with RHI payments the mill owner expects a payback period of less than 5 years on the initial investment cost of the heat pump installation.

The National ACR & Heat Pump award ceremony, that honours outstanding performance across the air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump sectors, was held at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool, on January 19th 2018.