Heating with wood – the sustainable alternative

Heating with wood is generating heat from a sustainable raw material. Wood as fuel is an economical alternative to oil or gas, especially at times of high energy prices. Depending on the type of plant, an energy yield equivalent to 5000 litres of fuel oil can be achieved per hectare.

Thanks to innovative Viessmann technology, heating with wood is now efficient and convenient. You’ll save on heating costs and protect the environment. All in all, it means you can be confident in your decision to go with this clean and viable solution.

Pellet heating system diagram

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Heat is yielded from a sustainable raw material, providing independence from fossil fuels
  • Wood combustion is CO2 neutral: Only as much carbon dioxide is released into the environment as the wood absorbed while it was growing.
  • The use of locally sourced wood offers greater reliability of supply.
  • Thanks to advanced technology, a wood burning boiler offers every bit of the heating convenience you expect today.
  • Heating with wood is financially supported by local, regional and national bodies
Vitoligno 300-C pellet boiler

Top class pellet boiler

The Vitoligno 300-C an efficient solution for new build designed to the low energy standard. The heat generator impresses with its low energy consumption, making heating with pellets highly convenient: Almost everything is automatic – from charging right through to cleaning. Rated heating output: 2.4 to 12 kW, efficiency [to DIN]: up to 95.3 %