Controlled mechanical ventilation – healthy indoor climate, lower heating bills

Part of your quality of life and at work in confined spaces depends on a controlled air change rate. However, airing by opening windows is random ventilation – it results in either too much or too little ventilation and therefore wastes energy. A mechanical ventilation system changes the air continuously and reduces the CO2 concentration within the living space to less than 0.1 percent by volume. Occupants perceive this as "fresh air". This means windows can stay closed all year round. This provides higher security and greater quiet for occupants since street noise stays outside.

Significant progress in energy saving has been made by the building sector over the last few years: For a new house built in line with the new German Energy Savings Ordinance (EnEV), the annual heat demand is only around 70 kWh/m² per year. Buildings are now being designed to be increasingly airtight to minimise ventilation heat losses. In many cases this means that the minimum air change rate that is so important for health, comfort and the protection of the building substance is no longer possible. Mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery are the answer. They ensure comfortable ambient conditions, reduce ventilation heat demand and lower heating bills.

Centralised mechanical ventilation diagram

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Controlled mechanical ventilation ensures comfortable ambient conditions, reduces ventilation heat demand, thereby lowering heating bills
  • Up to 98 % of the latent heat in the extract air can be recovered
  • Economical DC motors maintain a constant air flow
  • A temperature-controlled bypass allows for ventilation with cool night air in summer
  • The integral air filter is beneficial for allergy sufferers
  • Balanced humidity management protects the building fabric and reduces odours
  • Windows can remain closed, which improves security and protects against noise and dirt

Vitovent 300-F mechanical ventilation

Floorstanding mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery

The floorstanding Vitovent 300-F mechanical ventilation unit claws back up to 98 percent of the latent heat in extract air, using it to heat the inrushing outdoor air. Combined with a Vitocal heat pump, this forms a complete air conditioning system for low energy, passive energy and plus energy houses. Output: up to 285 m³/h

Vitovent 300-F product info
Vitovent 300-W mechanical ventilation

Wall mounted, mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery

The wall mounted Vitovent 300-W mechanical ventilation units replace the air continuously for a pleasant and healthy ambience – while reducing energy consumption and costs at the same time. The integral heat recovery keeps up to 93 percent of the extracted heat inside the building, in spite of the constant air change. The automatic summer bypass allows cooler outdoor air to be channelled into the building at night. Performance: 300/400 m³/h

Vitovent 300-W product info
Mechanical ventilation remote control

Domestic ventilation with heat recovery

Controlled mechanical ventilation ensures high indoor air quality with low heating bills

Advanced mechanical ventilation systems continuously change the air in the living space for a healthy, comfortable ambience and remove odours and noxious substances. And they do so in an extremely energy efficient way: A powerful heat exchanger recovers up to 98 percent of the latent heat in the extract air and uses it to heat the incoming fresh air during the colder months.

Thanks to efficient DC motors, for each kWh of electrical energy, up to 15 times more heating energy is recovered. A living space of 150 m² can generate savings of around 300 litres of fuel oil per year.

In summer, the heat exchanger is completely bypassed via the integral bypass damper: The temperature controlled circuit allows cool, filtered outdoor air to enter the living space at night.