Vitovent 300-F - ventilating with a heat pump

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Advanced HVAC technology in a matched combination with a compact air source or ground source heat pump
  • Flexible mechanical ventilation system for low energy and passive houses
  • Up to 98 percent heat recovery from the indoor air
  • Effective F7 grade pollen filter – beneficial for allergy sufferers
  • Convenient regulation via connected heat pump
  • Energy efficiency class according to EU Regulation No. 1254/2014.:

                • Timing: A

                • Central demand control: A


Not currently available in the UK  


Efficient heat pump and efficient mechanical ventilation

The Vitovent 300-F mechanical ventilation unit is the ideal complement to a Viessmann heat pump. The appliances that can be combined with this ventilation system offer a heating output of between 3 and 10.6 kW; these appliances require little space. This appliance combination is highly recommended for maintaining the air at a particular temperature.

The ventilation unit is linked directly to the heat pump. Two wall ducts for the air supply are the only structural modifications required for this. All settings can be made from either the heat pump's control unit, a common remote control unit or the Vitotrol app on a smartphone. At the same time, operation of heat pump and ventilation are matched automatically to each other. Air reheating is possible as an option.

The Vitovent 300-F uses a heat exchanger to recover up to 98 percent of the latent heat contained in the extract air, heating the incoming outdoor air without additional energy being required.

Heat pump product info

Mechanical ventilation unit plus heat pump – a perfect system combination for new build

Together with an air source or ground source heat pump, the Vitovent 300-F mechanical ventilation unit combines the benefits of an integral appliance with the flexibility of Viessmann heat pumps. The heat pumps that can be combined with this ventilation system offer a heating output of between 3.0 and 10.6 kW. The system as a whole can be used for interiors with up to 210 m².

* The Vitovent 300-F can be combined with the following heat pumps: Vitocal 222-S/242-S, 200-A, 222-G/242-G, 333/343-G, 300-A (301.B11 and B14), 200-G, 300-G (301.B06 and B17), 350-G (351.A07) and Vitocaldens 222-F.



Product cross-section


Air flow rate
up to 280 m³/h
Energy efficiency class according to EU regulation No. 1254/2014
Time control: depending on type A or B • Central demand control: A • Control according to local requirements: depending on type A + or A
Suitable for living areas
up to approx. 210 m²
Heat recovery level
up to 98 %
Application range
Detached houses or apartments / new build
Installation type
Additional features
Operation via the Vitotronic 200, type WO1C heat pump control unit, via remote control (heat pump accessory) or Vitotrol app. Automatic bypass for natural cooling. System combination with heat pump.
Produktschnitt Wohnungslüftungs-System Vitovent 300-F