Vitovent 300-W - the powerful mechanical ventilation system

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Comfortable and healthy ambient conditions
  • Reduced odours
  • Balanced humidity management prevents mould growth and damage to the building
  • Filtration of the outdoor air – important for allergy sufferers
  • Convenient regulation via directly connected remote control unit
  • Energy efficiency class according to EU Regulation No. 1254/2014.:

                • Timing: A

                • Central demand control: A


Ventilating virtually without energy loss

The Vitovent 300-W ventilation system is particularly energy efficient. During the colder months of the year, the powerful heat exchanger utilises up to 93 percent of the heat contained in the extract air for heating incoming fresh air.

The built-in electric preheater coil ensures continuous frost-free operation of the Vitovent 300-W, even at low outside temperatures.

The remote control included in the standard delivery allows the ventilation unit to be regulated conveniently from within the living space.

Strong arguments for mechanical ventilation systems

The building sector has made significant progress in energy savings. For instance, the heat demand for an old detached house is about 200 kWh/m² per annum. With new and efficient insulation methods, a new house today requires only about 70 kWh/m²/a.

This low energy demand is a good reason for installing a mechanical ventilation system: it provides fresh air and comfortable ambient conditions, and keeps noise outside. It protects the fabric of the building, saves energy and protects the environment.

Product cross-section


Air flow rate
up to 300 m³/h (type HR A300) / 400 m³/h (type HR A400)
Energy efficiency class according to EU regulation No. 1254/2014
Time control: A • Central demand control: A • Control according to local requirements: depending on type A + or A
Suitable for living areas
Up to approx. 230 m²
Heat recovery level
up to 93 %
Application range
Detached houses or apartments / new build
Installation type
Wall mounting
Additional features
Convenient regulation by means of a directly connected remote control unit (standard delivery). Automatic bypass for natural cooling. Integral electric preheating coil for continuous frost-free operation even at low outside temperatures.
Produktschnitt Wohnungslüftungs-System Vitovent 300-W