The advantages of oil heating

As early as the 1950s, oil-fired heating systems were increasingly used. Since then, the technology has developed continuously and is therefore considered to be mature and safe. And because oil boilers are one of the most widely used heating systems, their technology should be well known to any well-trained heating installer. This facilitates maintenance and can significantly reduce the time required for repairs. However, this fact is only one of the many advantages of oil boilers.

Long-term safe operation thanks to large oil reserves

Even though crude oil is a fossil fuel, the operation of an oil-fired heating system is far from being time-limited. The global reserves and deposits are so large that the demand for the next five decades can be easily covered. In addition, the industry has been working hard for years on the further development of synthetic fuels and the breakthrough is only a matter of time.


Cost-effective operation with efficient heating technology

As already mentioned at the beginning, the heating technology is constantly developed and optimised. One of the advantages of oil-fired boilers is therefore their cost-effective operation, provided that the complete system is adapted to the requirements. However, efficiency can also be increased technically. In this case, the magic word is condensing technology.

Can be used in new buildings

Contrary to the assumption of many people, an economical operation of an oil-fired heating system in new buildings is by no means excluded. Thanks to modern technology and a variety of combinations, an oil condensing boiler can easily be combined with an environment-friendly heating system such as a biomass heating system or a heat pump. In this way, the oil boiler takes over the backup function, while the environment-friendly heating system is responsible for heating the rooms efficiently and cleanly. Use in a new building also has the advantage that only a small amount of fuel needs to be stored. After all, the heat demand in such buildings is now very low. One of the advantages of oil boilers in new buildings is therefore the small space requirement for the tank. Often there is no need for a separate room. Space-saving tanks, which system owners can place next to the heating system or in the utility room, are often sufficient for storing the required fuel.

Intuitive and future-proof control technology as one of the advantages of oil heating.

Variety of combinations and future-proof control technology as further advantages of an oil heating system

As already mentioned, modern oil boilers can be easily and quickly connected to another heating system to form a hybrid solution. This increases profitability in the long term and also provides the basis for state subsidies. Whether with solar thermal energy, a biomass system or a heat pump: Viessmann oil boilers are already designed for bivalent operation ex works. As an alternative to hybrid heating, modern oil boilers can also be operated with biogas mixture, thus relieving the environment.