Vitosol 100-FM – Powerful and durable flat-plate collectors at an attractive price

Matching system for highly economical operation

In size, performance and price, the DHW solar pack is intended specifically for detached houses. This provides an ecologically and economically interesting option for DHW heating.

By selecting this product you will be opting for a highly efficient, cost effective package that will cut the amount of energy required for your DHW heating by up to 60 percent.

Tailor-made for every demand

With an individual absorber area of 2.01 m2, the Vitosol 100-FM flat-plate collectors can be effectively matched to any energy demand. These collectors are available as vertical models for on-roof or in-roof installation.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Solar system designed specifically for domestic hot water heating
  • Considerably simplified setting up for reduced installation time
  • No tools required to join collectors (push-fit system)
  • Prefabricated hydraulic connection sets
  • New rafter hooks and flanges for superior system structural integrity
  • For on-roof or in-roof installation
  • Surface optimised flat plate collector with highly selectively ThermProtect coated absorber 
  • High performance solar collectors accredited to Solar Keymark

ThermProtect prevents overheating

An intelligent absorber layer protects the collectors from overheating. Viessmann’s patented ThermProtect technology switches the solar collectors off when they reach a specific temperature. At temperatures of 75 °C and above, the crystalline structure of the absorber layer changes, increasing the rate of heat radiation many times over and reducing collector output. This significantly lowers the maximum temperature inside the collector and prevents vapour formation in the solar circuit.

By lowering the collector temperature, the crystalline structure returns to its original state. More than 95 percent of the incoming solar energy can now be absorbed and converted into heat. Only the remaining five percent is reflected. There is no limit to the number of times the change in crystalline structure can be activated, making this function available at all times.


Easy to plan and install

All appliances and components are a perfect match for each other, which makes the installation as easy as can be. Now, new rafter hooks and flanges are available for above roof installation to make things even easier. With roof integration, the flat-plate collectors are directly secured to the roof structure. No tools are required for the interconnection between collectors, they are fully assembled hydraulic push-fit connectors.

Not only is your investment outlay modest, this system also takes less time to install.



ESOP-Online provides you with a calculation program for available solar thermal systems, compared with which the various product configurations and combinations and their profitability may be facing.

After entering all necessary parameters ESOP calculates the reference values for the radiation energy and the resulting recoverable system yield and the percentage of coverage of total energy demand in various combinations.

Please note: English language can be selected within the program