Reduce energy bills by using a solar thermal system

Through the use of a solar thermal system, you benefit from lower energy consumption and reduce your monthly energy bills. Anyone investing in a new heating system today should design it from the outset to include a solar thermal system.  

By installing solar collectors, you are demonstrating your commitment to protecting the environment, by sustainably lowering CO2 emissions. By choosing Viessmann technology you are opting for a futureproof system in which all components interact optimally. Investing in solar technology also increases the value of your property.

Key facts

In the UK alone, there are still around ten million heating systems in use today that are more than 15 years old. Their owners are often completely unaware of how much energy these systems waste, as they allow a great deal of unused heat to simply escape up the chimney. Furthermore, these old systems have an impact on our climate through unnecessary CO2 emissions which contribute to global warming.

Saving energy

By promptly replacing these systems with a highly efficient condensing boiler, pellet boiler or heat pump in combination with solar technology, end users can cut their energy consumption by up to 25 percent. This would translate into five percent of the UK's total energy needs, with annual CO2 emissions being reduced by 25 million tonnes at the same time.

Protecting our resources

Around one third of the total energy demand in the UK is expended on heating buildings. Energy conscious construction and economical heating systems, such as condensing technology, can substantially reduce this consumption. This then contributes to the preservation of resources and to the protection of the Earth's atmosphere.

Public subsidies

Public subsidies can be claimed for the purchase of solar thermal and PV systems [check local regulations]. Finally, the investment outlay will be returned in just a few years because of the high energy savings alone.

Solar thermal energy offers significant potential for savings

Solar thermal energy offers significant potential for savings

One important area of potential savings is offered by DHW heating. In our latitudes, solar collectors combined with a DHW cylinder represent the most interesting alternative to boiler operation, especially during the summer months.

Even during spring and autumn, you may often be able to turn off your boiler when using solar energy to back up your central heating.

In a detached house, solar energy covers up to 60 percent of the energy required for DHW heating.

DHW heating and central heating backup with solar energy

Solar thermal systems are the perfect choice for DHW heating and central heating backup. Thanks to freely available solar energy, your investment can be recovered within a few years through savings on fossil fuel.

Generally, you have the option of using solar energy for DHW heating and central heating backup. In any case, savings on oil or gas are considerable, as you will be able to reduce energy consumption, required to heat DHW for your daily needs by 60 percent. If you combine the heating of DHW and heating water, you can save up to 35 percent of the total energy required – every year.

Solar thermal systems with dual mode DHW cylinder

Solar thermal systems with dual mode DHW cylinder

A dual mode DHW cylinder is central to this type of system. When there is sufficient insolation, the heat transfer medium in the solar thermal system heats up the water in the DHW cylinder via the lower indirect coil.

When the temperature drops through hot water being drawn off, such as for a bath or shower, the boiler starts – if necessary – to provide additional heating via the second circuit.

Solar thermal system for DHW heating and central heating backup

The solar medium heated in the solar collectors can be used to bring heating water and DHW up to temperature. For this, the heating circuit, via a heat exchanger, uses the water in the solar cylinder that is continuously heated by the solar collectors. The control unit checks whether the required room temperature can be achieved. The boiler will also start if the temperature is below the set value.

Solar thermal system for DHW heating and central heating backup
Viessmann solar thermal systems – futureproof in every respect

Viessmann solar collectors – futureproof in every respect

All Viessmann flat-plate and tube collectors are distinguished by their high operational reliability and long service life. Vitosol solar collectors are made of corrosion and UV resistant materials. This is most impressively verified by quality tests according to the EN 12975 test standard, which at the same time confirms the consistently high thermal output.

Viessmann can draw on 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of solar collectors.