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Across the UK, we have a national network of Viessmann Trained Installers who have an in-depth knowledge of our products and can apply this to meet your needs.From our installers, you can expect advice, sales support, customer service and installation services. 

Advantages of using our trained installers 

  • Free, no-obligation and individual advice
  • Home visits available
  • They will calculate the heat/DHW requirements of your household/property
  • We offer the ability to select an installer suitable for your energy source, whether that is gas, solar, wood, air or geothermal
  • They can provide information on economical combinations of different energy sources
  • They can provide at-a-glance calculation of potential heating cost savings following modernisation
  • They can provide information on government subsidies and support you with your application

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* Please be aware that Viessmann Trained Installers listed on this website are not employed by Viessmann; and we cannot accept responsibility for their workmanship. We recommend that you obtain more than one quote and use your best judgement before employing a trades person.

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