100 Years of Viessmann: more than 15,000 people celebrated together at three of the company’s locations

Centennial festival in Berlin, Hof, and at headquarters in Allendorf

Allendorf (Eder), August 27, 2017 – Viessmann celebrated its 100th anniversary with a gigantic festival at three of its locations. A total of 15,000 employees and their families spent an unforgettable day full of highlights at headquarters in Allendorf (Eder), as well as in Berlin and Hof. Chief among these was undoubtedly the "centennial moment", when the revelers at the various locations were connected by a live linkup and joined in a huge choir to sing a song composed especially for the anniversary.

"Into a new century"

"100+ Into a new century" is the company’s motto in this anniversary year. This indicates that Viessmann is on the move, looking ahead, and addressing future challenges. The "+" means that past successes represent incentives for the future; enthusiasm for what is new is written in the company’s DNA.

"Discover something new, shape it, and set it in motion"

Being open to changes also runs like a common thread throughout the wide range on offer for those attending the festival. Under the motto of "discover something new, shape it, and set it in motion", highlights followed thick and fast on the total of nine stages. Particular attention was also paid to providing opportunities for audience participation. At the various stations, artworks were created with a brush or camera, and people were encouraged to dance, potter around, and engage in plenty of sports. The winter sports stars sponsored by the company drew particularly large crowds, with Laura Dahlmeier leading the way, who has climbed to the very summit of the biathlon Olympus after winning one silver and five gold medals at this year’s world championships in Hochfilzen.

A shared "centennial moment"

By four p.m., the time had finally come: all three locations were connected in a linkup for the "centennial moment". During a brief panel discussion, Professor Dr. Martin Viessmann, his son Maximilian, and CEO Joachim Janssen described the goals and visions that will make it possible to take on the challenges of the future and get a good start into the next hundred years.

Donations to the tune of 120,000 euros after employee campaign

Next, Max Viessmann took the opportunity to make a very gratifying announcement: the "HereViGo" employee campaign brought in the impressive sum of 120,000 euros, which has now been donated to UNICEF, terre des hommes, and the Hans Viessmann School in Frankenberg (Eder). Since the beginning of the year, many employees had been successfully initiating and carrying out private projects. And for each goal that was reached, the company made 1,000 euros available for a good cause.

Song for the anniversary

Then came the grand centennial moment: employees at all three festival locations got together to sing a song composed and professionally rehearsed for the anniversary. Its lyrics express how all the employees together contribute to the future of the company in the same way as each individual.

Sculpture made of orange-colored everyday objects

As early as Saturday morning, a sculpture for the centennial anniversary was unveiled at headquarters in Allendorf. The basis of this impressive work of art is a wide variety of commonplace plastic objects submitted by employees and further processed by elaborate methods. There were no specifications as to the size or function of the objects, but one feature was all-important: the items had to be orange – the traditional color of Viessmann’s corporate design.

The Viessmann Group

The Viessmann Group is a leading international manufacturer of heating, industrial, and refrigeration systems. Founded in 1917, this family business now has 12,000 employees, and the group revenue amounts to 2.25 billion euros (2016). Of this revenue, 54 percent comes from abroad. As a family business, Viessmann places particular value on acting responsibly and for the long term; sustainability is already firmly anchored in the company’s principles. Viessmann’s comprehensive range of products features individual solutions with efficient systems and outputs from one to 120,000 kilowatts for all application areas and all fuel sources.


August 2017