Cedar Court Hotel, Harrogate 

With large energy bills and an unreliable heating system, Cedar Court hotel in Harrogate decided to upgrade to a high efficiency system to achieve greater fuel savings and reduce carbon emissions. After consulting with Viessmann Trained Installer Robinsons M&E Ltd, the Best Western Cedar Court Hotel replaced the two old cast iron boilers with 6 cascaded 100 kW Vitodens 200-W condensing boilers to cope with the large demand. Following the installation, Cedar Court now saves up to 25% on fuel bills each year, due to the high efficiency and reliability of the new system. Over the course of 12 months, this is estimated to be around £11,000 compared to it's previous system

Dating back to 1671, Cedar Court Hotel has over 100 rooms in addition to meeting and conference facilities, a gym, restaurant and bar; all of which are in constant use throughout the year. The grade 2 listed building was using two old cast iron boilers, with direct fired high and low burners, which had obsolete parts and reliability issues. Due to the high usage of the hotel, the management wanted to replace the system to ensure excellent levels of comfort for the guests, without disrupting normal hotel services.

The new compact Vitodens 200-W cascade system is up to 98% efficient, with a modulation range of 1:4, meaning the system can scale down during quiet periods and ramp up to deal with busy morning and evening heating and hot water demands. The
cascade system can handle up to 4 bar operating pressure, while the Vitotronic 200 control unit built into the boilers, allows for remote data communication and monitoring. 

Statement Viessmann Partner/Operator

Andy Jackson of Robinsons M&E Ltd says "As the installation took place in a working hotel, we only had limited shutdown periods to complete the job. The flexibility and excellent integration of the Viessmann system meant we complied with this at all times, minimising any disruption to the hotel, it's services and it's guests. Not only has Cedar Court achieved it's target of reducing energy bills, it is now greener on the whole with a reduction in CO₂. This is a great example of why we use Viessmann as a preferred manufacturer".


6 x Vitodens 200-W wall mounted condensing boilers

Rated Output 600 kW