England versus Germany "Vriendly" post match report 

It was billed as a match between two rivals, albeit a rivalry full of emotion, respect and admiration for the opponent. When the German team of Viessmann installers visited Huddersfield Town’s PPG Canalside Training Ground to take on a team of English Viessmann installers, this classic football rivalry was well and truly reignited.

Featuring crunching tackles, great pieces of dribbling skill, near misses at both ends and pressure from both teams, this rivalry made for an excellent match for the two teams. However, England just could not match the might of Germany and found themselves beaten 6-1 as the whistle for full-time was blown.

Unfortunately for England, the final score line didn’t tell the whole story, with the game being played out much closer than the 6 goal lead suggested. Instead, Germany’s dominance came down to their ability to expertly finish and beat the English goalkeeper when given the chance.

Scoring within the first 10 minutes, the first goal saw Germany come into the box and around the keeper, using a great piece of dribbling skill to take the lead.

Keeping the pressure on, England brought the counter attack but just could not get the result. The second goal instead coming from Germany after 30 minutes. Whilst there was a valiant double save from the English ‘keeper, Germany’s determination just could not be beaten and made it third time lucky by turning it in on the line.

With half-time approaching, Germany continued to dominate with a pinpoint through ball which enabled them to lob the ‘keeper and put themselves 3 up just as the half-time whistle was blown.

After the half-time break, England took to the pitch looking fired up. Putting the pressure on right from the off, the English installers were determined to counter the 3-0 deficit and crawl back a goal. However, it just wasn’t to be.

Instead, the next goal came again from Germany, with the team extinguishing a promising start to the second half by England with a crushing goal from the edge of the box which put them 4-0 up.

The next goal came as a result of Germany being brought down in the box and awarded a penalty. Taking this with ease, they fired past the English ‘keeper from the spot.

Now 5-0 down, England reach peak performance with a few shots on goal, however, none of these make the mark. Instead, Germany now firing all on cylinders cause England to concede on the counter and claim their sixth goal.

Nothing can ever be predicted and with it looking like the game was set to end without a goal from England, that’s not the way it panned out. Instead, a foul by Germany caused England to be awarded a penalty and saw them pulling back a consolation goal right on the final whistle.

Of course, it wasn’t to be for England and Germany took the honours with an emphatic 6-1 victory.

However, it has to be said that this was a fierce rivalry which ended on the pitch, as the two teams stayed to watch Huddersfield Town’s Sky Bet Championship match against Fulham at John Smith’s Stadium together the next day, as guests of the club.

Besides the match itself, the Vriendly was a valuable exercise in getting Viessmann installers together, allowing them to share their on and off-pitch experiences over the whole weekend.

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April 2017