Viessmann wins H&V News award for 24% energy reduction at Isle
of Man estate

Viessmann, along with installation partners Rushen Eco Energy and Matrix Energy Systems, has picked up a prestigious H&V News award for Renewable Project of the Year. The project saw a complete revamp of the heating system at the Ballaman estate on the
Isle of Man, which involved installing ground and air source heat pumps and a solar thermal system. The result is a saving of 24 % on energy costs from an annual £55,000 heating bill, and a reduction of 236 tonnes of CO2 emission per year.

The Ballaman estate, formerly the home of Nigel Mansell and now the residence of the Whittaker family, overlooks the coastline of Port Erin on the Isle of Man and consists of a 30,000 sq. ft. main house, 10m x 5m swimming pool, spa, cottages and a helicopter hanger.

The family was dependent on heating and hot water from an old oil-fed system and sought to lower running costs and carbon emissions through using natural resources and renewable heating technology.

Paul Leedham from Matrix Energy Systems commented, “Viessmann has a complete technology solution that allows us to integrate all technologies seamlessly and intelligently.” George Georgiou from Rushen Eco Energy remarked, “Having spent a lot of time and money on research and development, we were confident we would have a solution for any requirement with Viessmann.”

Two plant rooms were renovated to achieve the award-winning transformation: the first provides space heating, hot water and underfloor heating for the helicopter hangar, business offices and cottages. This is generated via a 27 kW Viessmann Vitocal 300-G ground source heat pump, which extracts heat from five boreholes on the premises into a 750 litre buffer vessel. The second plant room services the main house, swimming pool and spa and contains both ground source and air source heat pump technology, supplemented by solar thermal collectors for hot water. Three 42 kW Vitocal 300-G heat pumps make use of an additional 22 boreholes to supply underfloor and space heating for the property. A 20 kW Vitocal 350-A air source heat pump also contributes to the comfortable temperature throughout the house, transferring outside air into ambient space heating.

Eleven Vitosol 200-F solar thermal panels provide renewable hot water and pool heating for the property, delivering a peak of 15 kW. Any excess heat is then transferred into two 950 litre buffer vessels, to store the heat for later use. The solar panels also recharge the ground temperature through excess thermal heat to boost the performance of the ground source heat pumps.

In addition to the 188 kW multiple technology system supplying the estate, there are now plans to generate electricity on site via wind turbines or solar photovoltaic panels. This is currently in the consultation phase and would potentially make the estate completely carbon neutral.

April 2018