Investing in expert boiler engineering in an older property will reap rewards

Project Overview

When the owner of a Grade II Listed house decided to update his old gas boiler it was a Viessmann trained installer who offered the best solution for the centuries-old home. Following the installation of a Vitodens 222-F gas-fired compact condensing boiler, the once cold and damp property has been transformed into a warm place to live – with an environmentally-friendly 50 per cent cut in energy bills.

The Viessmann solution

Kyle Jones-Smyth was left “quite disheartened” when he embarked on research to replace the 30-year-old boiler that was inefficiently heating his five-bedroom home, which used to be Oliver Cromwell’s local court house. He needed a cost-effective solution which would work efficiently around the constraints of a listed building and ensure the property was heated consistently to fight damp. But every mainstream option seemed to involve compromises – from limited savings to large holes being created during installation.

Viessmann installer for quality

Then trained Viessmann installer PK Plumbing & Heating came up with an answer that ticked all the boxes: They offered a comprehensive survey, took time to discuss the history and engineering expertise of Viessmann and installed the system with minimal disruption, overcoming the challenge of installing a new flue within a mandatory existing chimney. This left the house warm while cutting gas bills by half.

Gas bills cut by half

“It has left us with a completely updated system that has simply transformed our lives,” says Mr Jones-Smyth. “For the first time in over a decade we have a genuinely warm home. Our first gas bill arrived and it was well under half the previous bill.

”The installation, which included replacing some pipework and some of the property’s 19 radiators, plus fitting a new flue, cost approximately £5,250. Because of the efficiency of the Vitodens 222-F, the total price will be recouped in three years, followed by significant savings on energy consumption.

“Although it’s a cliché saying, it’s true that you get what you pay for. We didn’t choose the cheapest option. We selected the boiler and authorised installer because he took the time and trouble to explain the Viessmann technology, promote the brand and provide a clear and honest quotation,” adds MrJones-Smyth.

“Reliable efficient heating systems are the most eco-friendly option you can select. My Viessmann boiler is efficient, but importantly it’s also going to last me a very long time. There’s a reason Viessmann provides a five year guarantee, which – when considering yearly service agreements – actually makes it cheaper than inferior alternatives.”

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