Biomass installed in school with inches to spare - Sunnydale Community College

Project Overview

When Durham County Council decided to replace the boilers at Sunnydale Community College, Viessmann offered the best solution for the secondary school. Following the installation of a Köb Pyrot 540 biomass boiler, staff and students now benefit from efficient, carbon-neutral heating and an estimated £40,000 peryear in savings.

A carbon-neutral policy

In accordance with the UK Renewable Energy Strategy and in line with its sustainable energy pledge to supply 12 percent of its heat with renewables by 2020, Durham County Council specifies carbon neutral heating technologies wherever possible. However, the local authority had been left disappointed by the quality of the previous products available, as they failed to deliver the output required. In the case of Sunnydale Community College, the council needed a cost-effective solution to operate out of the existing boiler room and provide the school with sufficient, environmentally friendly energy.

Limited space

Viessmann’s Köb Pyrot 540 biomass boiler offered the perfect solution. Renowned as a reliable, efficient, well-built unit, the single boiler was installed to replace a bank of ten atmospheric boilers in the existing boiler room. Due to the limited available space of 10 m by 10 m, the boiler was delivered in one part, along with its pellet store, leaving only 20 mm between the boiler and the ceiling. The boiler can generate up to 540 kW of energy and all necessary parts of the unit are still accessible for maintenance. A silo is located at the back of the boiler room, and is connected to the Köb Pyrot 540 so wood pellets can be fed to the boiler directly.

Savings in money and fuel

Sunnydale Community College is set to save approximately £40,000 per year from gas consumption and further savings from the Renewable Heat Incentive for which it, could amount to returns of over £30,000. Since its launch, the Sunnydale Community College installation has become a showcase for other projects and Durham County Council is planning similar biomass installations with the Köb Pyrot 540 boiler. Mechanical and engineering consultant at Durham County Council, Alasdair Cameron, says “Renewable energy is at the heart of our plans for development and change in County Durham over the next 20 years. When assessing the available options for this project, we felt Viessmann’s products were the most reliable and efficient available; offering us the best support for delivering a prosperous and sustainable future for the County, and we have not been disappointed.”

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