Vitotrol Plus app

Operating Viessmann boilers via the internet

Apps for smartphones and tablets are everyday tools that make our life easier. The new Vitotrol Plus app now makes operating your own heating system on the go a viable option. And it's easy, whether you are at home or away – from your car, from the train or from your office.

Convenient, intuitive operation

It could hardly be easier to operate. The default screen shows the outside and set room temperatures, as well as the operating program, date and time.

Changes are made directly on screen. For example, you might want to extend the heating time for a late night party, or switch to economy mode when you're away from home for a long period.

Convenient display on a smartphone via the app's energy cockpit

Direct access to a wide range of functions

The Vitotrol Plus app controls the heat distribution with up to three heating circuits and the provision of domestic hot water. Users have access to numerous Vitotronic control functions:

● Selection of operating program
● Adjustment of set room and DHW temperature
● Selection of holiday program
● Time programs for central heating, DHW heating and DHW circulation
● Call up of operating parameters, including all important temperatures
● Display of efficiency data, including solar yield and hours run in the app's energy cockpit


Vitoconnect 100 WiFi module

The WiFi module Vitoconnect 100 is the interface between boiler and app. It hardwired to the Vitotronic control unit. A wall mounted adaptor, which measures only 10 x 10 centimetres is provided. A plug-in power supply unit is included in the standard delivery.

The Vitoconnect 100 hooks up to the local WiFi network via plug & play. To register, all you need to do is use your smartphone to scan the QR code attached. Vitoconnect 100 is compatible with mobile terminal devices with iOS (V8.0 or higher) and Android (V 4.4 or higher) operating systems.

Once the ViCare app is up and running, you can set up Vitoconnect and also get linked up to your local contractor in Vitoguide.

The Vitoconnect 100 incorporates a comprehensive approach to security, which has successfully passed a VDE Smart Home information security test.

Take advantage of these benefits

●  Free download from the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android)
●  Easy, intuitive operation via smartphones and tablets
●  Operation of the heating system from home or on the go
●  On-going updates
●  Operation of up to three heating circuits
●  Operating program and set value defaults
●  Calling up of system information
●  Showcase function for displaying the control options for a Viessmann heating system